Who We Are

Sokol MN Board of Directors

Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota is a volunteer-run organization founded in 1882. Our dedicated board of directors is elected annually at general membership meetings each November.

With a full range of festivals, dinners, dances, etc. for all age groups, we strive to not only support our programming but also our historic C.S.P.S. Hall. These are accomplished through our committee structure, and we invite you to get to know us and help us achieve these goals.

Czech & Slovak Sokol Minnesota welcomes all who share an interest in history, culture, gymnastics and good fellowship. You need not be Czech or Slovak to be a member, or to participate in all our events!

board of directors

Back row left to right:
Gary Zwiber – Chair, Rental Committee
Fred Simon – Vice President
Theresa Hudachek – Recording Secretary
Joyce Tesarek – Chair, Board of Budget and Finance
Markéta Pálková-Resong – Director at Large
Steve Ernest – Membership Secretary
Don Haselbauer – Director at Large

Seated, left to right:
Lucy Rose – President
Silvia Magana – Sergeant at Arms
Edward Hamernik – Gaming Manager
Bob Kotek – Chair, Building and Property Trustees
Sally Lieberman – Education

Not Pictured:
Bonnie Simon – Corresponding Secretary
Jean Draheim – Activities
Brittany Stepan – Publicity
Jason Brozovich-  Men’s and Women’s Physical Director
Open – Treasurer (Reach out to president@sokolmn.org for information!)